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Satrap Xerbystes II of Qadira.

Satrap is a Kelish term for the ruler of a satrapy, one of the provinces or dependent kingdoms of the Empire of Kelesh. The satrap rules in the Padishah Emperor's stead, and is often appointed to the position. In Qadira, the most well-known satrapy in the Inner Sea region, the satrap is in charge of overseeing the nation's domestic affairs, but has no control over its foreign trade and relations, which are handled by the emperor-appointed vizier. Qadira is unusual among the satrapies of Kelesh, in that the position of satrap is hereditary, rather than appointed by the emperor. The current satrap of Qadira is Xerbystes II.1

Known satraps of Qadira

  • Cerush: The first ever satrap of Qadira in -43 AR2
  • Xerbystes I: Who was able to turn the satrap position into a hereditary post using political pressure applied to the Empire of Kelesh1
  • Aphama I: Who arranged for his son to the marry the Padishah Empress in 2768 AR3
  • Gheber II: A satrap who heavily pushed for war with neighbouring Taldor but was denied by the Padishah Emperor, inadvertently ushering in an era of peace4
  • Gheber III: Who took advantage of a succession crisis within Kelesh to declare war against Taldor, beginning the Grand Campaign in 4079 AR4
  • Arsinoah II: He petitioned the Empire of Kelesh to join the Grand Campaign against Taldor, helping to change the course of the whole war4
  • Xerbystes II: The current satrap of Qadira as of 4722 AR.5