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Temperate or cold forests
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 236

The sasquatch is a towering, ape-like humanoid native to northern forests. They are known by many names, including wild men, skunk apes, and most popularly, bigfoot.1


A sasquatch is a large humanoid creature that closely resembles a bipedal ape. A typical sasquatch is eight feet tall and weighs around 570 pounds. They produce a highly potent musk (hence the name "skunk ape").1


Sasquatches live in harmony with nature, leaving no trace of their existence save for the occasional footprint in the mud. They are incredibly stealthy despite their size, especially in forested areas, though their pungent musk can sometimes give them away. Sasquatches are so elusive that even in a world of magic, many people believe that "bigfoot" doesn't even exist.1

Habitat and society

Sasquatches are a peaceful, reclusive people who are content to care for their families without any interaction with other races. Sasquatches typically only become violent when their young are threatened. They do not build, preferring to sleep in natural shelters like deadfalls. When sasquatches die, their families bury the bodies deep in the earth and cover up the grave site to protect the departed from scavengers and evil spirits.1


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