Sarkora River

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The Sarkora River was once the mercantile lifeline of the Kellid nation of Sarkoris in northeastern Avistan. When the Worldwound opened in 4606 AR, it quickly became a prime battleground in the ongoing war against the demons of the Abyss. The Sarkora today is still heavily traveled, but only by demons and their mortal servants.1


The Sarkora has its origins in the countless springs of Frostmire Fen, close to the border with the Wolfcrags. From there it flows in a generally southern direction through the region of Frostmire and past the city of Undarin. South of Undarin it is joined by the West Sarkora River near the Needleglens, after which it turns southeasterly, passing the Forest of Embers, Ghalcor's Tower, the city of Raliscrad, and finally joins the West Sellen River at the ruins of Storasta near the borders of Mendev.2


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