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This article covers the species of Tane. For the gemstone, see Sard (gemstone).

Sards are a species of Tane transformed by the Eldest from ancient elm, oak, or pine trees into living siege engines that crush cities under their branches.1


A sard resembles an immense leafless tree with the innate ability to magically disguise itself as a mundane tree. Despite their ungainly appearance, sards are surprisingly swift and agile when crawling on their spider-like roots like a massive arachnid. Their sap is a strange red lightning, and they have a number of potent electrical attacks that manifest with the colored energy.2[citation needed]


The original great sard, also called "the Witch-tree" and "Storm of Insanities", was a creation of the Green Mother, who combined the rage of sky and earth, before being adopted by other Eldest. It still stands dormant at its birth place, the Sardscar at the edge of the Hanging Bower in the First World, ready to stride out when its mistress demands.34


Sards are nearly as intelligent as the average human but rarely show it. Their original purpose was to serve as living siege weapons, and when left to their own devices sards will often seek out settlements to destroy.2[citation needed]