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The Sanctuary in the small town of Trunau in the Hold of Belkzen is the new house of worship to honor Iomedae after the loss of Trunau's old church. The new sanctuary is located at the lower part of the town and houses half a dozen clerics and paladins who staff a large prayer hall as well as a hall where the wounded can be tended after battle. The current matron of the sanctuary is a young cleric named Tyari Varvatos. She is the younger sister of the Second Sword Knight of the Sancta Iomedaea in Vigil, Aylunna Varvatos. Her close ally is an errant paladin named Brantos Calderon, formerly stationed at Castle Firrine who forsook his post to pledge his blade (and some say his heart) to the resolute young cleric who fights on this harsh frontier.1

A gnarled old half-orc named Katrezra is a long-standing resident of the Sanctuary. He was raised among the Empty Hand tribe and suffers from a terrible affliction of the lungs and weeping sores on his face and arms gained when the chieftain of the orc tribe sent him to the Brimstone Haruspex to get painful visions of the future. Halgra granted him sanctuary and he has since become a follower of Iomedae. He has proven his loyalty countless times on the town's walls. He still occasionally has visions and Tyari has begun privately recording them on the chance that may point toward an important revelation.1