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(extraplanar, inevitable, lawful)
Any (Axis)
Source: Concordance of Rivals, pg(s). 54

Rokyamuts are inevitable defenders of mathematics, attacking those who bend reality out of its proper form.1


Rokyamuts have the lower body of an elephant and the upper body of a barrel-chested giant with four muscular arms capped with bare steel. Delicate cogs and gears can be seen underneath their joints. Above their head is a halo composed of complex glowing mathematical functions. Rokyamuts can also conjure similar symbols onto their hands to serve as weapons. A rokyamut is 65 feet tall and weighs 200 tons.1


Protectors of mathematics, rokyamuts are built in the Adamantine Crucible by the axiomites in response to misuse of mathematics or reality-altering cosmic disasters. They seek out those who dare subvert reality's laws, most often chaotic outsiders or aberrations. Their very presence stabilises space, preventing teleportation from working near them.1


Rokyamuts usually work alone, only cooperating against terrible threats. Over time, most rokyamuts fall into one of two groups: planar custodians or cosmic stabilizers.1

Planar custodians

Planar custodians seek to stabilise inconsistent planes like the Maelstrom or the First World by nullifying reality-altering magic. These rokyamuts are usually diplomatic and pragmatic, and often work alongside lhaksharuts, whose job of closing unstable portals is made easier when the laws of reality are stabilised by rokyamuts.1

Cosmic stabilizers

Cosmic stabilizers explore the depths of the Material Plane to combat rogue cosmic disasters or dangerous aliens and making grand plans in the process. Examples of aliens considered dangerous are the Dominion of the Black and minions of the Great Old Ones. They see their missions in stark black and white, and are usually untrusting of and unpleasant to other creatures, who rarely want to attract their ire.1


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