Rikkan Falls

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The Rikkan Falls, also known as Rikkan's Falls, complicate travel up the Adivian River north of Westcrown in the Chelish Archduchy of Longmarch. The nearby Rikkan Ports of East Rikkan and Westpool subsist largely on providing services for ships moving cargo between Westcrown and the Chelish interior, as larger ships must unload their cargo and transfer it to barges or carry it by hand upriver.12


The falls are named for the Andoren explorer Rikkan, who first drew the falls in 1896 AR. The publication of his journals made the falls famous among people across Almas.3

The Third Stavian Gate, which once helped move larger ships past the falls near Westpool, was destroyed by saboteurs in 4660 AR.2


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