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Secretive cabal
Guardians of the Great Beyond's integrity and stability;
Close planar portals & oppose Blackfire Adepts
Planar travellers
Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 199
See also: Riftwarden

The Riftwardens are a loose collection of planar travelers from across the Great Beyond who guard the multiverse's integrity and stability. They aim to prevent evildoers from using planar gateways and punish any who they catch trying.1


The Riftwardens frequently ally with the Concordance of Elements, an organization that seeks to preserve the balance among the four elemental forces of air, earth, fire, and water.2

On Golarion

Riftwardens are believed to have come to Golarion in pursuit of their most-hated enemies, the Blackfire Adepts.3 Their purpose is the opposite of the Adepts, in that they seek to close planar openings and portals. They identify themselves by the Sign of the Seeker's Spiral and are extremely well-versed in the geography of the Great Beyond, making them invaluable guides to those seeking to travel beyond the Material Plane, especially in high magic cities such as Quantium, Egorian, and Absalom. Their greater motivations, beyond opposition to the Blackfire Adepts, are unknown, as is their secretive cabal of leaders, but they surely serve otherworldly interests.451

In Mendev

The group is particularly active in Mendev and have set up a base of operations in the Librarium of the Broken Black Wing in the city of Kenabres. While the local leader of the organisation is unknown, their spokesperson, Beltran Ravenken, is a popular figure in town. The Riftwardens monitor the Worldwound carefully, deeply interested in sealing the planar tear that plagues the nation.6

Known members and associates

Favored familiars

Riftwardens choose familiars native to the planes to which they feel most strongly connected. For example, Riftwardens on Golarion often choose ordinary animals like cats, dogs, and rabbits.9


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