Rift of Repose

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Rift of Repose
The Rift of Repose.
(Abyssal realm)
Ruler Unclaimed
Denizens Quasi-souls of dead demon lords
Description Hidden rift
Images of Rift of Repose

Source: Lords of Chaos, Book of the Damned Volume 2, pg(s). 30, 41

The Rift of Repose is a hidden and unclaimed rift within the Abyss, where accumulates the quasi-souls of demon lords that have been slain. Their very power and worshippers mean that, even in death, something of the demon lord survives: the demon lords' remnants manifest as fossilized forms on the wall of the Rift.[1]

Though this place remains unclaimed it is not uninhabited. Mythic nalfeshnees known as Curators act as self-appointed custodians who watch over the fossilised corpses.[2]

Sometimes, righteous beings will invade the Rift with the hope of obliterating the demonic remains to ensure such evil can never be resurrected. Unfortunately, these corpses have a habit of reforming elsewhere in the Rift after being destroyed. Even more troubling, the remains have been known to spontaneously resurrect upon reforming on rare occasions.[2]


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