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Type Animal
CR 4
Environment Tropical plains
Adjective Rhinocerine; Rhinocerotic; Rhinoceroid

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 235

The rhinoceros is a type of large, herbivorous animal native to tropical grasslands, where they live alone or in small herds and feed on bushes, low-hanging branches, and other shrubby plants. They are notoriously foul-tempered and prone to charging down any creature that comes too close to them for their comfort.[1] Rhinoceroses are the sacred animals of Gorum.[2]


Woolly rhinoceroses are found in arctic plains. They are primarily grazers, unlike their browsing cousins.[1] Elasmotheriums are a type of rhino-like megafauna found in temperate forests and plains, and can grow to be twenty feet in length.[3]


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