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Source: Distant Shores, pg(s). 52

Razatlan was a historical empire that dominated the continent of Arcadia during the Age of Legend,12 but is now a shadow of its past glory and neighbor of several independent nations over which it once ruled.3


Razatlan once covered most of the continent of Arcadia, from the its southernmost point to the Land of Northern Lakes.4 Its southern borders now lie at the northern reaches of Xopatl.3


Razatlani Empire

During the Age of Legend, the Razatlani Empire conquered dozens of other nations, building numerous pyramids to celebrate its victories.2 It ruled over them with an iron fist, claiming resources, technology, culture, and slaves as it saw fit. The Razatlan Empire's hold was unchallenged until Earthfall.56

Earthfall and decline

During Earthfall, a shard of the Starstone fell deep into the Razatlani-controlled Mildanesi Mountains and was discovered by explorers from Innazpa, who found themselves granted with mythic power and elevated into hero-gods. With the hero-gods' newfound power, Innazpa seceded from Razatlan, inspiring many other nations to do the same and starting Razatlan's centuries-long decline.6 This decline was hastened by the destruction of Earthfall and the chaos that followed during the Age of Darkness, which forced the peoples of Arcadia to cooperate in order to survive.2

Battle with Aroden and Arazni

The Azlanti hero Aroden, long before he became a god, arrived to independent Xopatl in -1524 AR and became a companion to the wizard and arcane botanist Arazni. In -1505 AR, the Razatlani warlord Imictal and his Army of Fire attempted to invade the city of Jolizpan, reconquer Xopatl, and claim the Veins of Creation to rejuvenate the empire. However, he and his army were repelled by the city's defenses and magical countermeasures created by Aroden and Arazni.7


Kazutal has been the patron deity of Razatlan since the Age of Legend, and her main temple is located in Razatlan's capital Tlacalxia. Her followers have spread her faith and festivals, such as the Harvest Bounty Festival, across the continent to places such as Segada, in Degasi to the north.15


Modern Razatlan is a major trade partner of Xopatl, as well as with Xopatl's neighbors Innazpa and Nalmeris.3 This trade network is coordinated by a mercantile guild based in Orjotoro and managed through three Follower's Rests: Orjotoro,8 Ziplatna,9 and Tulaupan.10



Razatlani architecture features stone buildings.11


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