Ralla Hebbradan

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Ralla Hebbradan

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 21

Ralla Hebbradan is one of the half-dozen prostitutes in the Rouge Lady gambling hall and brothel in the town of Falcon's Hollow. While not the most beautiful prostitute of Kabran Bloodeye, Ralla is ever in demand by wealthy patrons, as she has somehow managed to maintain an attractive appearance of sincere fragility. She works in the Rouge Lady to earn enough copper for herself and her only living relative, her young brother Hollin, to survive. Hollin hates the town passionately for how he and his sister are forced to live. Neither Ralla nor Hollin are aware that Ralla is not truly Hollin's sister, but rather the changeling daughter of the green hag Igale, who lives deep in the Kingtower Woods.12


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