Rajput Shivji Shashibhushan

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Rajput Shivji Shashibhushan
Titles The Vile Prince
Race/Species Human (Vudrani)
Class Necromancer
Gender Male
Homeland Divine Garden, Vudra

Source: Sixty Feet Under, pg(s). 71

The Vile Prince Rajput Shivji Shashibhushan was a powerful necromancer who built his lair on the sacred ground of the Divine Garden region in eastern Vudra. In 4465 AR, the Vile Prince began creating his fortress, the Palace of Ivory and Bone, using elephant bones and ivory pillaged from the holy elephant graveyard of the Ajitesh Valley.[1] Rajput also used the plundered remains to create rajput ambari, strong undead labourers that helped him to build his unholy fortress.[2] The Vile Prince Rajput Shivji Shashibhushan was defeated centuries ago but it is rumoured that in some form he still haunts the Palace of Ivory and Bone to this day.[1]


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