Qanat (Katapesh)

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The qanat in Katapesh dates back to near the end of the Age of Enthronement.1 It was eventually abandoned after major complications, including the collapse of a major cistern.2 Tunnels were discovered underneath the cistern, but when exploration parties failed to return, the entrance was sealed before the qanat was abandoned.3

Katapesh's architects ordered several tunnels of this qanat to be collapsed after attracting vagrants and vermin.2 In 4712 AR, a Twilight Talons investigation led by Othine Dalanse discovered a cult of Lamashtan slavers using the qanat to store slaves for auction.4


The qanat has three different types of tunnels:2

  • Service: Primary tunnels meant for workers to traverse. These tunnels are 15 feet wide with five-foot-wide ledges along either side. These ledges flank a five-foot-wide and four-foot-deep channel. The ceilings are arches 12 feet above the bottom of the channel.
  • Distribution: Supply tunnels taking water to wells underneath various city locations. These tunnels are 10 feet wide with arched ceilings 8 feet high.
  • Supplementary: Tunnels added for efficiency after the initial construction. These tunnels are only 3 feet wide and 3 feet tall.

Tunnels generally meet in rooms measuring 30 feet square. Many of the intersections, as well as other locations, have shafts leading up to the city, but most have been collapsed over the years.2 At least one shaft was outfitted with a hoist to move creatures and equipment into and out of the qanat.5


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