Preceptor archon

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Preceptor archon
Zepha, a preceptor archon.

(archon, extraplanar, good, lawful)
Any (Heaven)
Source: Heaven Unleashed, pg(s). 21

Preceptor archons are the interventionists among the archons who attempt to guide individuals in crisis or on the cusp of life-changing decisions.1


In their true forms, preceptors resemble humanoid ravens with glowing eyes, and are garbed in pure white robes trimmed in gold and carry a glowing willow staff.1


Preceptors typically use magic to understand their charge's personal history, then create a detailed, immersive mindscape designed to broaden perspectives. This technique is used to guide a soul through past, present and future and to demonstrate to how much worse life would be without them. Preceptors do this or visit their charges in person both to warn them and gain their trust or curiosity. They never force a specific course of action, merely guiding their charges in their choices.1

Known preceptor archons


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