Power supply

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Most technology encountered on Golarion requires a power source, of which most have been destroyed, expended, or dormant since the Rain of Stars. There are two primary power sources still available: batteries and generators.1


Batteries are specially crafted cells, often portable, that store power over extended periods of time in a stable physical form, allowing it to be expended as needed. Batteries have limited capacities and must be recharged once spent.1 But certainly not available in markets outside of Numeria.2


Generators, such as solar generators, continually produce power, either by consuming fuel or converting other forms of ambient power. Such power conversion makes generators dependent on being near a fuel source or too cumbersome to be easily moved. While a generator with sufficient fuel does not run out of power when used, it does have a maximum output capacity, its yield, that may cause other connected technology to fail if exceeded.13

Some generators, such as smoke furnaces, employ magic as a power source.4


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