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Pilgrim's Cave

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The Pilgrim's Cave is an extensively modified system of caves and passages in the foothills of the Kortos Mounts. It is located two days walking from the city of Absalom, although it is closer to the western city of Diobel. The cave became known to the public when a Pathfinder named Janira Gavix discovered its main entrance recently.1


The large, central chamber of the Pilgrim's Cave is fed by a spring and contains a large pool. This pool is considered sacred by the local gillmen, who risk dehydration to make the arduous pilgrimage from the coast. Even though this has been going on for generations, the history of the central chamber is even older. The chamber's walls are covered with numerous, detailed carvings depicting of the twelve guises of Aroden, along with inscriptions from his sacred text, The History and Future of Humanity. Even though the god is believed to be dead, these inscriptions still carry an echo of the deity's power, albeit a quickly fading one.2