Pharasma's Spire

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The holy symbol of Pharasma.

Pharasma's Spire looms over the city of Axis. Its base is mostly surrounded by the pooled waters of a branch of the River Styx. Protected by golden walls, the polluted waters are watched by inevitables and their axiomite overseers, as well as formians. Thanodaemons lurk on the water. Pharasma's Spire rises from its base near the perfect city of Axis and stretches into the Astral Plane to an unthinkable height. At the top of Pharasma's Spire is the Boneyard which receives mortal souls arriving at the end of their long migration along the River of Souls.1

The Spire's base also contains an entrance to the Blood Vale, realm of Achaekek, god of assassins. He uses this entrance to watch those slain in his name as they proceed to their judgment.2

The protean Chorus of the Ravenous Moon and Open Grave aims to destroy Pharasma's Spire, feeding the souls within to the apocalyptic god Groetus. They believe that doing so will result in not only the destruction of the Perfect City of Axis but the entire order that keeps the outer planes in balance.3

The Spire is slowly growing, and eventually it will pierce through the shell around the universe formed by the outer planes. This will result in the collapse of the multiverse and the end of the world.4


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