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Pathfinder Quests

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Ambush in Absalom, the first Pathfinder Quest.

Beginning in 2011, Paizo began publishing Pathfinder Quests: short, Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild adventures designed to be played in about one hour and introduce new players to the organized play campaign. It continued publishing a new quest about once a year thereafter, expanding the format in 2014 with The Silverhex Chronicles to include four one-hour adventures that when played by the same player character are equivalent to a standard scenario. These quests are standalone adventures tied thematically to a season's metaplot, but were not integrated into the scenario numbering system. This changed in 2017 with the release of House of Harmonious Wisdom, the first quest to be given a spot in the normal PSRPG publication order.

Starting with Pathfinder Second Edition in August 2019, Quests became a monthly release. At the Organized Play panel at PaizoCon in May 2020, the team announced the end of the Pathfinder Quests line and the start of the Pathfinder Bounty product line.1 In April 2023, Paizo announced the launch of Series 2 Quests, a slightly longer-form repeatable adventure for levels 1-4, beginning with The Swordlord's Challenge.2

Pathfinder Quests

Season/Series PFS# Title Tier Repeatable Location Country Author(s)
1eS3 Q1 Ambush in Absalom 1 – 5 Absalom Absalom Mark Moreland
1eS4 Q2 Urge to Evolve 3 – 7 Magnimar Varisia Adam Daigle
1eS6 Q3 The Silverhex Chronicles 1 River Kingdoms, Ustalav Various
   Mausoleum 1 Gralton River Kingdoms Scott Sharplin
   Mists 1 Varno Ustalav Scott Sharplin
   Colony 1 Allenstead Razmiran Walter Sheppard
   Crash 1 Numeria Walter Sheppard
   Webs 1 Daggermark River Kingdoms Josh Foster
   Silverhex 1 Daggermark River Kingdoms Josh Foster
1eS6 Q4 Fane of Fangs 5 Fangwood Nirmathas Nathan King
1eS7 Q5 Phantom Phenomena 1 Y Ustalav
   Harrow Dunhob Ustalav Cole Kronewitter
   Lightning Ustalav Cole Kronewitter
   Manor Ustalav Nicholas Milasich
   Monolith Ustalav Nicholas Milasich
   University Ustalav Brian Duckwitz
   Epicenter Diremark Ustalav Brian Duckwitz
1eS8 Q6 Honor's Echo 1 Y Taldor, Qadira Various
   Grove Verduran Forest Taldor Landon Winkler
   Basilica Oppara Taldor Landon Winkler
   Blade Omash Qadira Jenny Jarzabski
   Homestead Andoran Jenny Jarzabski
   Breakdown World's Edge Mountains Taldor Eleanor Ferron
   Cacophony Oppara Taldor Eleanor Ferron
1eS8 Q7 House of Harmonious Wisdom 1 – 5 Successor States, Tian Xia Various
   Part 1 Shokuro Katherine Cross
   Part 2 Ashima Tian Xia Sarah E. Hood
   Part 3 Xiwu Lingshen Jason Owen Black
   Part 4 Po Li, Tian Xia Christopher Rowe
   Part 5 Lanming Quain, Tian Xia Christopher Rowe
1eS9 Q8 Fallen Family, Broken Name 1 – 5
   Part 1 Almas Andoran Saif Ansari
   Part 2 Isger Louis Manko Levite
   Part 3 Chitterwood Isger Kendra Leigh Speedling
   Part 4 Umok Isger Kevin Willis
   Part 5 Elidir Isger Scott D. Young
1eS10 Q9 What the Helms Hide 1 – 5 Various Various
   Part 1 Korvosa Varisia Calder CaDavid
   Part 2 Arthfell Forest Andora Lysle Kapp
   Part 3 Highehlm Five Kings Mountains Kendra Leigh Speedling
   Part 4 Absalom Absalom Nate Wright
2e Playtest The Rose Street Revenge 1 Absalom Absalom Various
   Snippets Absalom Absalom Joe Pasini
   Dragons Absalom Absalom Thurston Hillman
   Puddles Absalom Absalom Linda Zayas-Palmer
   Haven Absalom Absalom Leo Glass
2eS1 Q1 The Sandstone Secret 1 – 4 Y Osirion Linda Zayas-Palmer
2eS1 Q2 Unforgiving Fire 1 – 4 Jalmeray Leo Glass
2eS1 Q3 Grehunde's Gorget 1 – 4 Kalsgard Lands of the Linnorm Kings Kate Baker
2eS1 Q4 Port Peril Pub Crawl 1 – 4 Y Port Peril Shackles James Case
2eS1 Q5 The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day 3 – 6 Sothis Osirion Luis Loza
2eS1 Q6 Archaeology in Aspenthar 1 – 4 Aspenthar Thuvia Quinn Murphy
2eS1 Q7 A Curious Claim 3 – 6 Druma Dennis Muldoon
2eS1 Q8 Shadows of the Black Sovereign 1 – 4 Starfall Numeria Alexandria Bustion
2eS1 Q9 Wayfinder Origins 3 – 6 Y Azlant Dustin Knight
2eS1 Q10 The Broken Scales 1 – 4 Absalom Absalom Amber Stewart
2eS1 Q11 A Parchment Tree 1 – 4 Qadira Carlos Cabrera
2eS1 Q12 Putrid Seeds 3 – 6 Geb Cass Reyfield, James Case
2eS1 Q13 Falcons' Descent 1 – 4 Darklands Andoran, Isger Joshua Hennington
2eS2 Q14 The Swordlord's Challenge 1 – 4 Y Restov Brevoy Tennike Belleman
2eS2 Q15 In the Footsteps of Horror 1 – 4 Y


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