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Pathfinder Adventures treasure chests

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Treasure chests can be bought in the game's store for 500 gold each. Once bought, a chest must be opened and the new cards looked at. At that point the new cards are available in the Vault. They will be used when the game gathers together location decks. Having more copies of a card in your vault means you are more likely to find it during a scenario. Once in the Vault treasure cards can be salvaged for gold.


As of version players can now collect and use custom dice with their characters. Dice skins are acquired from opening treasure chests, like new cards. When you acquire more than 6 instances of the same Dice Skin, it will be automatically salvaged for gold. Dice limits are on a party basis - so dice equipped in Party 1 are available for characters in Party 2. You can view the new Dice Skins in the Gallery. You can only equip new skins on characters from the Character Selection page. Expand the ellipsis (...) next to the character and select dice to be taken to the dice equip screen.1

When you start a scenario - go to the Character Selection screen. Then tap the '...' button next to the character art and several options will pop up, among them "Dice" - select that. You should then see a menu with all of your dice and above them - all the character portraits for the current party. Drag a character portrait into one of the round empty slot to associate it with the given dice skin.2


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