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This page is part of a defunct project.

The October 2018 release of Runeplague advances the Pathfinder campaign setting timeline to complete and confirm several changes to Nocticula initiated in Wrath of the Righteous and suggested in A Song of Silver, Planar Adventures, and the Return of the Runelords Player's Guide.

Note that these items are dramatic spoilers for both Wrath of the Righteous and Return of the Runelords:

There are also open-ended questions or potential changes that might be clarified in future canon products:

  • Chaotic good-aligned worshipers of Nocticula might now be possible, and neutral evil-aligned worshipers might have or soon lose their divine connection.
  • The state and rulership of the abandoned Midnight Isles is unclear.
    • What are the individual nascent demon lords and other demonic governors ruling those islands doing?
    • What are the demon lords slain by Nocticula that comprise the islands in repose doing, if anything?
  • It is unknown how succubi at large are affected by this change.
    • Do they change alignment? If not, is Nocticula still associated with them?
    • Do they still venerate a demon lord? If so, whom?
  • The states and composition of the other demon lords are unclear.
    • Has she been replaced, and if so by whom?
    • If she was replaced, does that replacement take on her associated sin of lust?
    • Were other demon lords affected by her departure?
  • Nocticula's current realm is unclear.
  • The role of Shamira in this transition, if any, is unclear.
  • It is unclear whether any outsider or demon lord can permanently change their fundamental alignment, and if so if there are conditions or requirements.

The goal of this initiative is to assess and update content across PathfinderWiki related to this change, and to do so with sufficient spoiler warnings and context to maintain consistency with older canon sources.

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