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In July of 2009, Yoda8myhead wrote a great introduction to the Campaign Setting Inclusion Initiative, a project to include all of the facts from what was then the standard reference tome for the Pathfinder universe into our wiki. A lot of editors put in countless hours on this project, and although it was never fully completed, a significant amount of work was accomplished. In addition, those of us working on the wiki at the time received a tremendous boost in motivation from working on this project, as the CSII (as it was generally referred to) gave us a goal to strive for, a country or person to feel some ownership of, and a way of seeing what everyone else was up to as well.
Now Paizo has released a new basic campaign setting book: The Inner Sea World Guide. Instead of reinventing the wheel, it seems useful to simply restate what Yoda originally wrote, as the things he said are still true today.
Something to remember when you are entering information from the new book, is that although a lot of the information contained therein is identical to that in the Campaign Setting, a number of places and people have been completely "retconned" or deleted. Please be aware of this as you are writing, as a number of existing articles will have to be largely rewritten to bring them in line with the version in the ISWG. The most obvious example of this, is the nation of Alkenstar, where firearms and gunpowder are manufactured.
Another thing the work on the CSII taught us, is that it is very important not only to create a complete article about each of the subjects listed below, but that one should also make sure that one's article contains no red links. The strength of the wiki is the ability to quickly browse between related topics via hyperlinking; without that, we are simply a book on the internet.

In conversations with Paizo editorial staff and contributing freelancers, both online and in person, it was repeatedly indicated that the usefulness of the wiki relied upon it being more comprehensive than the available sourcebooks. Since PathfinderWiki can not create new content to add to Paizo's output, we must work to create a hyperlinked repository of all sources so that new users need only go to this single resource instead of multiple published books. And to do that, we need a baseline from which to build. That baseline is The Inner Sea World Guide hardcover. As long as it remains the most comprehensive resource on Golarion, the wiki will never have the audience (and thus the contributing membership) that I think we all want.

For this reason, we have undertaken the largest project in the history of the wiki: incorporate all information from the Inner Sea World Guide into the wiki as systematically as possible, building on this foundation with additional sourcebooks, adventures, etc after this is done. To facilitate this and ensure that we don't skip sections, below is a listing of all sections in the book. Please leave a signature on the same line when done. Use the talk page to ask any questions or comment on the process.

The Inner Sea World Guide contents

Below are the main headings within 'The Inner Sea World Guide' which we should focus on. Some have been left out because they do not fall within the Scope of the project (such as feats).

Chapter One: Races

Chapter Two: The Inner Sea

Beyond the Inner Sea

Before the Inner Sea

Chapter Three: Religion

  • Deities

Other Gods

Chapter Four: Life

Chapter Five: Factions

Chapter Six: Adventuring

Chapter Seven: Monsters