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In April 2014, Paizo published Inner Sea Gods, which details the deities of Golarion.

This book's contents will expand the Pathfinder Wiki greatly in a number of areas and for this reason, the extra rigour of an 'Inclusion Initiative' is considered appropriate. This will incorporate all information from Inner Sea Gods into the wiki as systematically as possible. To facilitate this and ensure that we do not skip sections, below is a listing of all sections in the book. Please place your 'signature' after any section you have fully completed and strike through the text; please leave the text in bold face and an administrator will check your work and then remove the emboldening on the text post that review. Use the talk page to ask any questions or to comment on the process.

This inclusion initiative will follow the same rules as for the parallel work: the Inner Sea World Guide Inclusion Initiative. For instance, it is very important not only to create a complete article about each of the subjects listed below, but one should also make sure that one's article contains no red links. The strength of the wiki is the ability to quickly browse between related topics via hyperlinking; without that, we are simply a book on the internet.

Inner Sea Gods Contents

Below are the main headings within Inner Sea Gods (ISG) which we should focus on. Some have been left out because they do not fall within the Scope of the project (such as feats). When committing to a specific topic, please place the {{ISGII}} template at the top of the root page on the subject to indicate that it is being worked on and by whom. Subarticles do not need this template but can include the {{WIP}} template, should you feel the need. Thus [[Abadar]] would have the ISGII template, but neither [[Abadar/Followers]] nor [[First Vault]] would use it even though both articles will be updated as part of the inclusion of the Abadar chapter of ISG.

Foundation Work




  • Categories set up for deities including
    • new deities
    • ensuring all pantheons are categorized


  • Inclusion in wiki of all allowed artwork
  • Addition to Art index of other art not yet released by Paizo


  • Lobbying Paizo to allow all deities' symbols in the book that are not in the CUP to be added, so we may use them on the wiki


  • Introduction
    • Mortals and Deities
    • Deities and Mortals

Chapter 1: Core Deities

Chapter 2: Other Deities

NB: each individual deity above needs updating plus the general pantheon pages

Chapter 3: Options

Chapter 4: Servitors

  • Messengers of the Gods
  • Abadar’s Servitors
  • Asmodeus’s Servitors
  • Calistria’s Servitors
  • Cayden Cailean’s Servitors
  • Desna’s Servitors
  • Erastil’s Servitors
  • Gorum’s Servitors
  • Gozreh’s Servitors
  • Iomedae’s Servitors
  • Irori’s Servitors
  • Lamashtu’s Servitors
  • Nethys’s Servitors
  • Norgorber’s Servitors
  • Pharasma’s Servitors
  • Rovagug’s Servitors
  • Sarenrae’s Servitors
  • Shelyn’s Servitors
  • Torag’s Servitors
  • Urgathoa’s Servitors
  • Zon-Kuthon’s Servitors


Check all the data in all the appendix tables are included plus that all the deities are in the right templates and pantheon categories: