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Cover of the Adventurer's Guide.

Adventurer's Guide Inclusion Initiative Work in Progress
This article is currently being revised and updated as part of the Adventurer's Guide Inclusion Initiative (AGII) and is considered a work in progress. This page is unowned; please add your username to {{AGII}}. Learn how you can help in the discussion.

In the spirit of the Inner Sea World Guide Inclusion Initiative, Campaign Setting Inclusion Initiative, Dragon Empires Gazetteer Inclusion Initiative and Inner Sea Gods Inclusion Initiative, the Adventurer's Guide Inclusion Initiative aims to track work and collect proposals on incorporating the Adventurer's Guide into PathfinderWiki.

Resolving canon conflicts

The Adventurer's Guide updates the state of many characters, organizations, and locations with assumed results of Pathfinder Adventure Paths and Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenarios. It also updates or modifies content previously provided in a Tier 1 canon source, such as adventure paths and The Inner Sea World Guide.

Updating content

Just because an item in the contents below has a blue link, that doesn't mean its work is done. If an article has a blue link but isn't struck through, check the article, confirm that it is up-to-date with the Guide, update it if necessary, and then return here and strike it from the list.

You can signal that you've taken responsibility for an article's inclusion of Guide content by adding the {{AGII}} template to the top of the page. This identifies who's responsible for editing the article and categorizes it as a work in progress.

Adventurer's Guide contents

Sections marked with a dagger (†) assume a specific result of its linked Pathfinder Adventure Path or article and advance the setting's lore appropriately.
Be warned that following these daggers could reveal spoilers for those products!
When finished reviewing or adding a subject's content from the Guide, strike it through using the <s>strike tags</s>.