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Pashman is a fertile mountainous region of Qadira between the rivers Ladan and Pashman, encompassing part of the Zho Mountains. The region's natural beauty is believed to inspire the people who live in its mountainside cities, and it is renowned for its snowy mountain peaks, clear rivers, and abundant wildlife.1


The people of Pashman tend to include those who work in creative fields such as architects, artisans, artists, astrologists and fortune-tellers, musicians, and writers. Armorsmiths and engineers also live in Pashman, along with farmers and hunters.1

Creatures in the region includes dire corbies, hryngars,2 giant apes and lizards, goats, harpies, hippogriffs, horses, lamias, lynxes, nagas, and wolves.1

Points of interest

Pashman hosts several large settlements, notably Butraf, Ishad, Kerim, Lopul, Shamara, and Shileh. The region is known for producing armor, artwork, food, and iron, as well as livestock, furs, and leather.1

The ruined cities of harpy-infested Al-Bashir and naga-defended Koor, and the abandoned Kamawgyar Shrine to Irori, are located within Pashman.1 In the Darklands beneath Pashman, the magma pit of Magrevore underneath the surface town of Khoka contains a portal to the Malebolge layer of Hell.3


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