Palace of the Child-Goddess

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See also: Cult of the Child-Goddess

The Palace of the Child-Goddess is a flat-topped pyramid in the Ankar-Te ring district of Kaer Maga. It is the home of at least one child-goddess, who is worshiped as a living deity within the city. Its single, massive door is the only way in and out. From there, windowless, metal palanquins allegedly bearing the child-goddess are carried through the streets multiple times a day, where the faithful believe her presence wards them from evil and danger. Whether the child-goddesses are actually carried within is not definitively known, as the metal palanquins have no windows and most members of the Cult of the Child-Goddess do not talk to outsiders.

The Palace is overseen by the High Priestess Shamalay Kasan, the only of the child-goddess's clergy who regularly interacts with the city's general populace.1


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