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Type Outsider
(chaotic, demon, evil, extraplanar)
CR 14
Environment Any (Abyss or Dimension of Dreams)

Source: Occult Bestiary, pg(s). 19

Painajais are demons formed by Lamashtu from the souls of mortals who caused nightmares in other people.[1]


A painajai resembles a pale humanoid with eight spider eyes glistening hungrily and dozens of sharp teeth. It carries a barbed spear with a long, clinking chain attached to its end. Painajais stand ten feet tall, weigh about 800 pounds and speak in a throaty, resonating, abrasive voice. They grind their teeth compulsively, sometimes to unnerve their opponents, and may chew on the insides of their cheeks to produce a bloody, filthy froth.[1]


Painajais are tasked with haunting the dreams and watching the nightmares of mortals, as well as hunting uinuja azatas. Although painajais far outnumber their nemeses, they are utterly incapable of coordination: they indiscriminately attack anyone crossing their path, including other painajais, unless restrained by an overwhelmingly strong overseer.[1]


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