Outlaw Council

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Outlaw Council
Leader Peer group
Headquarters Daggermark, River Kingdoms
Goals Political stability and mutual defense
Scope National
Members Local rulers

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 4

The Outlaw Council is an annual meeting held in the city of Daggermark where the most powerful leaders of the River Kingdoms come together to discuss threats to their collective freedoms and security. This is the closest the River Kingdoms get to having a single government, but every year it is quite contentious.[1]


The council was first suggested by the Daggermark Assassins' Guild and the Poisoners' Guild) over ninety years ago, following the upheaval caused by the sudden death of the last king of Daggermark. The guilds sent emissaries to the other River Kingdoms who suggested a council be established to address issues affecting all the Kingdoms. The other regions agreed, and the following the year the Outlaw Council, as it was dubbed, met in Daggermark. Its first act was to officially codify the River Freedoms.[2]

Since then, the Council has continued to meet each year in Daggermark, where the meeting hall is considered to be neutral territory.[3]


The rulers of all the kingdoms are entitled to attend, but most weight is given to the leaders of the more established regions, currently Daggermark, Gralton, Lambreth, Mivon, Pitax, the Protectorate of the Black Marquis, Sevenarches, Tymon, and Uringen. A lord must attend personally in order to have a voice in the proceedings; proxies are not allowed to address the council.[3]

Foreign Relations

The Outlaw Council sends out foreign envoys to all the neighboring nations every year, but these ambassadors seldom are given clear direction or guidance, as its members never share a coherent foreign policy.[4]


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