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Othine Dalanse

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Othine Dalanse

Fighter 3 /
Inquisitor (infiltrator) 4
Source: Broken Chains, pg(s). 18

Othine Dalanse is an accomplished undercover Twilight Talons member, working out of Katapesh. Her most recent reported success was the elimination of a slaver ring in the city of Katapesh's Twilight Gate district.1 Shortly thereafter she went missing. Her body washed up along the River Scorpius, but was soon determined to be a fake by her colleague Whispershade.2

Unfortunately for her, Othine never had eliminated the Katapeshi slaver ring, but had been captured and brainwashed by them.1 This has caused her to go insane, to turn her back on the Twilight Talons, and to adopt Lamashtu as her goddess.13


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