Osirion mummy

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Osirion Mummy
an Osirion mummy

Source: J1: Entombed with the Pharaohs, pg(s). 29-31

An Osirion mummy is an undead creature created by the unique mummification process of Osirion. Apart from certain changes in their abilities, Osirion mummies are very similar to normal mummies.


An Osirion mummy retains whatever basic shape it had in life, thus a human still appears humanoid while a lion would still appear as a quadruped. The process of mummification can be applied to almost any living, corporeal creature. The exact details of an Osirion mummy's form is masked by layers and layers of bandages which are covered in arcane hieroglyphs. Osirion mummies are usually accompanied by the pungent odor of the the exotic spices and herbs used to embalm them.1

Habitat & Society

Osirion mummies tend to be found where ever the ancient Osirians buried their dead. They were often created to protect the tombs they inhabited, with some mummies having been killed just so they could be raised as mummified guardians. While Osirion mummies retain most of the intelligence they had in life they do not form any real sort of society. This may be because they are often left as lone sentinels guarding a dusty, deserted tomb.12


Dust Stroke
When an Osirion mummy kills its opponent it instantly turns its body into a pile of dust and ash, hindering resurrection.
Sudden Burst of Vengeance
Despite its slow, shambling undead nature, an Osirion mummy is capable of sudden bursts of speed and action that often surprise its opponents.1