Order of the Pike

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Order of the Pike
A Hellknight of the Order of the Pike.
(Hellknight Orders)
Creed "The greatest foes refuse to hide."
Fortress Tower of Citadel Ordeial, in Whisperwood
Leaders Lictor Lesheir "The Spear" Remsaine
Symbol Dragonlike creature pierced by three black spears
Armor Bestial bone-and-skull designs
Weapon Longspear
Reckoning Run a bone knife over your skin
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Source: What Lies in Dust, pg(s). 65

The Hellknight Order of the Pike was founded prior to the Chelish Civil War, and officially disbanded in one of the post-war reorganisations. However, its members continued to operate as Hellknights and, in 4688 AR, it was recognised once more as an official (albeit minor) order.[1][2]


The Order of the Pike seeks to slay monsters that jeopardize peace and innocent lives. More than mere killers, these Hellknights often take a naturalist's approach to their monster hunting, learning about their prey and extensively documenting this information. As a result, they have an impressive library of information regarding strange and dangerous beasts.[3]


Even at its creation, the original Hellknights dedicated themselves to the eradication of violent beasts that the government chose to ignore. These early members were ranchers and simple townsfolk and, although more modern members enjoy a more prominent reputation, their valiant ideals remain. Hellknights are more likely to be scattered throughout the Inner Sea region, taking stations in monster-stalked regions.[3]

Bases of operation

The Order is based in the tower of Citadel Ordeial, on the northeastern edge of the Whisperwood. They operate as monster hunters, initially in northern Cheliax, but more recently also in central Cheliax and Isger.[1][2] The Order enforce the law and bring authority to the unclaimed lands of the Crusader Road operating from their citadel in Fort Inevitable.[4]

The order's records, held in the citadel's Library of Fangs, hold extensive information about rare giant types, such as the shadow giants occasionally seen in the Menador Mountains, or the cave giants that sometimes raid the Scar Thicket of the Whisperwood.[5]


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