Open Quartering

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The Open Quartering, known as the Open, is a large military and guard market within Azlanti Keep in Absalom.1 The quartermaster, Lord Yuvin Vatir of House Damaq, and his rasars sell goods at low, reasonable prices to members of the First Guard or district guards.1 However, the rasars, who are soldiers working in the supply houses of the Quartermaster, limit purchases to what may reasonably be used by a family of four to limit exploitation of a system that supplies goods at prices sometimes lower than merchants can buy them for wholesale.1 The Muckrakers of the Puddles are the only district guards who do not have access to the Open.1

The Grand Council may ceremonially offer individuals honorary commissions in the First Guard, which allows them to purchase goods in the Open Quartering but no other benefit. Young spellcasters who have selflessly taken a risk for the city are most often those who granted this boon by Lord Gyr. 1


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