Oliphaunt of Jandelay

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Oliphaunt of Jandelay
A Runelord summons the Oliphaunt.

(chaotic, extraplanar)
Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 58-59

The Oliphaunt of Jandelay (pronounced ALL-eh-faunt of JAN-deh-lay)1 is the mythical creator, guardian, and prisoner of Jandelay, an enigmatic demiplane of law lodged in the chaos of the Maelstrom.2


The Oliphaunt is an elephantine creature of such tremendous size that it laid waste to large sections of countryside simply by walking through it.34


A being of pure chaos, the Oliphaunt is a physical embodiment of apocalypses, and it is compulsively drawn to the fragments of dead worlds from which Jandelay is made. Attempting to remove it from Jandelay is almost impossible; even when an attempt is successful, the Oliphaunt will constantly try to return to Jandelay, triggering a magical punishment on those that summoned it.2

The Oliphaunt shares its home of Jandelay with the watchers, whom it never notices. Although not a divine being, it is worshipped by many watchers as part of a dualistic faith that venerates it as the destroyer and the First Watcher as the preserver.5

On Golarion

The Oliphaunt appeared on Golarion once, during an Azlanti invasion of Thassilon in -6301 AR, in the Age of Legend.6 After the Azlanti executed the runelord of envy Ivamura, the runelord of greed Gimmel used rune magic to summon the Oliphaunt. He looked at it in the eye and successfully controlled it to destroy the Azlanti invaders. However, the wards protecting the Oliphaunt continued to draw it back to Jandelay. When Gimmel lost control, the Oliphaunt destroyed several Thassilonian legions, including half of Xanderghul's Peacock Legion,6 before vanishing from Golarion.47

Despite the repercussions, spellcasters of great influence and arrogance still attempt to repeat Gimmel's feat, notably Alaznist, who would have tried to summon it and unleash it upon Karzoug if Earthfall had not cut her plans short. After having woken from her slumber, Alaznist travelled back in time with the Scepter of Ages and arranged for the Oliphaunt's arrival in the future to threaten modern Varisia.48


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