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Temperate forests
Source: Fangs of War, pg(s). 88

Ohancanus are one-eyed giant-like fey that can be found only in old-growth forests.1


Ohancanus are gigantic creatures, resembling giants, they stand around ten feet tall and weighing in at over eight hundred pounds, they are powerfully muscled with arms that almost scrape the ground. Their heads have only a single eye (and they are often confused for the more common cyclops) along with large mouths and blunt noses. Ohancanus are always very hairy with the rare females (called ohancanas) having only long hair, while the males have long hair as well as a shaggy beard that normally completely obscures their mouths.1


Ohancanus are inherently destructive creatures, often killing far more prey than they can eat, they also think nothing of damming rivers or causing huge landslides to hurt their prey. They always seem to favour large, brutal axes. For such violent creatures, ohancanus can actually live for centuries in a forest's depths, allowing them to gain knowledge of the forest's best hunting spots and its secrets. Ohancanus are not capable of breeding, instead they murder the oldest and feeblest members of their community, then bury their organs deep beneath the oldest tree they can find. A year later a new ohancanu is born from the same spot, sometimes even spawning twins or triplets. 'Newborn' ohancanus retain some basic survival skills which they claim to have learned from the spirit of their murdered 'parent'. Each ohancanu is born with a full head of hair (and beard if male) including a few white hairs, the pale hairs are fundamentally linked to the ohancanu's essence and plucking enough of these hairs will kill it. Sentient creatures are ohancanus' favourite food but, if they cannot hunt any, they will settle for any game animals. Ohancanus are technically able to survive by eating bark or carrion but the lack of death and destruction makes these foods unappealing to them. Ohancanus are surprisingly athletic for their size and make nimble climbers.1


Ohancanus can be found only in old-growth forests like the Fangwood and the Verduran Forest; they hate the trappings of civilization and destroy any built structure they find within their territories. Ohancanus roam too much to establish true homes, but often they will return to favoured caves or islands, frequently littering the area with old bones and discarded trinkets from their humanoid prey.1


Surprisingly, considering their brutish nature, ohancanus are quite social amongst their own kind. Normally, they form together into small hunting groups, although they struggle to work together as a team; in fact, when hungry, these groups will often resort to such violent bickering over who gets to eat their prey that the prey is able to escape. Ohancanus are much better at cooperation when it comes to destroying things. Once every four years, the ohancanus of each forest meet in an enormous moot to exchange news, engage in brutal sports, and butcher their elderly for rebirth. Pulling on another ohancanu's white hair is one of the few taboos at these violent meetings. Ohancanus do not worship any particular gods but display a near-religious awe for destructive natural phenomena like storms, forest fires, and flash floods, and will often sacrifice prisoners to these events. Ohancanus derive a strange enjoyment from riddles but, thanks to their limited intelligence, they are not particularly good at them. Some who have encountered ohancanus have been able to buy some time by trading riddles with them but the ohancanus are likely to get furiously angry if their simple riddles are solved too easily or if they are outfoxed by their opponent's riddle.1


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