Novotnian family

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Novotnian family
Crest of the Novotnian family.

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 60–63

The Novotnian family is a family that lives in the nation of Andoran, in the region known as Darkmoon Vale, which their ancestors settled in the early 42nd century AR. The Novotnians are most known for their advanced falconry techniques;12 knowledge of the family's methods are passed from teacher to student, though an illustrated guide to the Novotnian techniques are said to be housed in the University of Egorian, in the nation of Cheliax.1


The family traces its roots in Darkmoon Vale back to Karas "the Falcon" Novotnian, who arrived to the Vale in 4113 AR.3 With assistance from the Chelish military, Karas and several friends established a fort in the Darkmoon Vale wilderness and began to take control of the region from the native Kellid tribes in the name of the Empire of Cheliax.456 In 4117 AR, Karas was awarded the title of Baron of Darkmoon by the Emperor of Cheliax for his efforts to bring Darkmoon Vale into the empire; this title survived for nearly six centuries.5

Other members of the Novotnian family also played pivotal roles in Darkmoon Vale, and subsequently in Andoran at large. Barenddo Novotnian, nephew of Karas, founded the logging town of Olfden in 4128 AR,7 whose inefficiencies inspired Tarris Rakesclaw — a grandson of Karas's business partner Rene Rakesclaw — to buy out the operation in 4139 AR and reform it, leading to the nascent Lumber Consortium that would eventually dominate parts of Andoren life.8


The Vendikon family and House Fordyce were neighbors of the Novotnians and their holdings in Darkmoon Vale.9

Heraldry and naming

People referred to Karas and his descendants as the "Falcon" because of the falcon on the crest of Baron Novotnian's heraldic display, a heater shield of red and blue alternating squares dominated by the profile of an argent falcon in flight with prominent talons.10 This was the true origin of the "falcon" in so many names in Andoran. Even with the death of the last Falcon-Baron Novotnian and the eradication of nobility in Andoran, the people continue to embrace the imagery and iconography of the bird.11


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