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Noqual is one of the rarer types of skymetal and has magic-resistant properties. It appears as a pale green crystal, but can be forged like iron, and has half the weight of iron yet is just as strong.[1]

Uses of noqual

Noqual is associated with abjuration magic, charity, and envy.[2] The mages of Numeria are believed to have learned how to suppress the skymetal's natural anti-magic properties long enough to create noqual golems.[3]

Kevoth-Kul made unique alloy of cold iron and this, calling Sovereign Steel.[4]

Sources of noqual

Natural, unprocessed noqual can be found almost exclusively in the nation of Numeria, although a recent meteorite impact near the Varisian city of Riddleport has led to the discovery of the metal there as well.[3]

Through akata's cocoon is bio noqual, but too low to craft noqual item from that.[5]


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