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Sykevers in action on the field of battle.
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Sykevers, also called nightwalkers, are the most commonly encountered type of darvakka. Their sole goal is to end all life.1


A sykever is a night-black giant with demonic features, including a huge pair of ram-like horns and arms that end in massive blades.1 On average, each is 20 feet tall and weighs 5,000 pounds.2[citation needed]


Sykevers lead armies of undead against the living.1 Unlike mortal generals, sykevers prefer to take part in battles rather than observing them from afar in safety, unless the battles are deemed by the sykever as self-destructive. This does not mean that the sykever never sacrifices its troops to gain a tactical advantage. Sykevers enjoy inflicting despair before death, particularly by destroying valued objects or murdering loved ones before finishing the foe off.2[citation needed]


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