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The Nightstalls
Type Underworld market
Leader Secret syndicate
Alignment Neutral evil
Headquarters Katapesh
Goals Profit
Scope Local
Members 4,708 humans, 247 dwarves, 191 half-elves, 172 halflings, 114 gnomes, 93 half-orcs, 98 others

Source: Black Markets, pg(s). 8

The Nightstalls are Katapesh's most infamous marketplace. The customers openly buy and sell not only information, drugs, poisons, and smuggled relics, but also more exotic and vile wares like diseases, diabolic contracts, cursed and corrupt magic, and rare magical components. It is said that even souls can be bought and sold in the Nightstalls. The Duskwalker Guild, led by the Osirian tiefling Khafira Blacktongue, takes care of the smooth operation of the market.[1][2] Most of Katapesh's slave and drug trade passes through the Nightstalls, as do untaxed merchandise. Nearly a third of the people associated with the Nightstalls are slaves.[3]

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