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A nemhaith, sometimes termed a nemhain, is a powerful type of undead that is deliberately created to serve as a guardian of a person, an object, a place, or an ideal to which the living person had devoted their life.12


A nemhaith looks like and ancient and dessicated corpse that is surrounded by a disembodied horde of bound spirits that the nemhaith can direct to attack its enemies.1

Habitat & Ecology

Nemhaiths are created by ancient, powerful, and profane rituals that have, for the most part, been lost to ancient history. A devotee is willingly sacrificed along with a slew of their friends and family who normally are not so willing. The nemhaith created then serves as a devoted, deathless guardian. Most people who become a nemhaith were evil in the first place, most often worshippers of dark, secret gods or the guardians of profane secrets. Occasionally a goodly individual would undertake this transformation in a misguided attempt to guard something they believed was supremely important. The ritual itself is so steeped in evil that doing so always creates an unholy abomination.1

A nemhaith can grow more powerful by draining the life of living creatures and incorporating their souls into itself.3

On Golarion

Amongst the wilds of the Porthmos Gap in eastern Taldor lies the House of the Senses Awakened. Here, a powerful nemhaith named Origen Sarlu dwells, having turned the former pleasure palace into a trap-laden mausoleum guarded by undead like spectres, wights, and wraiths, and even some ancient stone golems. So strong is Origen's devotion to the deceased Grand Prince Cydonus III, that none has penetrated the House of the Senses Awakened since Origen turned it into the Grand Prince's tomb in 4081 AR.4


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