Nazhena Vasilliovna

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Nazhena Vasilliovna
Nazhena Vasilliovna, foreground right
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human (Jadwiga)
Class Witch (winter witch) 5 / Winter witch 3
Gender Female
Homeland Waldsby, Irrisen
Organization White Witches
Familiar Zapada, owl
Companion(s) Radosek Pavril

Source: The Shackled Hut, pg(s). 54

Nazhena Vasilliovna is a great-great-granddaughter of Elvanna, Queen of Irrisen and currently the ruler of the village of Waldsby in the Irriseni province of Hoarwood. She gained the best physical characteristics from both her Jadwiga and Ulfen bloodlines, which makes her tall, with blue eyes, platinum blond hair, and a perfect complexion.[1][2]

Nazhena was born at the Pale Tower, but was educated in the royal palace in Whitethrone before returning to the Pale Tower to overthrow her mother. Radosek Pavril is both her apprentice and lover, despite commonly referring to him as her "flawed Taldan apprentice".[1]


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