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Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 30

Naiegoul is the black galleon of the vicious lich Raugsmauda. Soon after the Eye of Abendego formed in the north, Raugsmauda emerged from the sulfuric fumes of her lair on the island of Raugsmauda's Reach and began to sail the archipelago as captain of the Naiegoul one night each month. On these nights, her dreadful galleon can appear anywhere across the Shackles to capture lone vessels with unholy ease. No ship is more feared in the starlit night than Naiegoul whose black flag bears the words Geghalle Omutapuraii, or "Hope Vanishes" written in the Ghol-Gan language not spoken in millennia. The berth of Naiegoul is at the long wharf in front of Raugsmauda's Tower. The wood from which the Naiegoul is built is as black as a starless night and radiates powerful necromantic energy. Small batlike humanoid creatures move hurriedly through its tattered sails, and its crew consists of draugr, wights, and lacedons. Raugsmauda's first mate is the graveknight Chouzbec assisted by Pyrada Naulk, a priest of Lamashtu. Raugsmauda herself always helms the Naiegoul.1


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