Nahyndrian crystal

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Nahyndrian crystal
(Magic item)

Aura (1E)
Overwhelming conjuration
and necromancy [evil]
Caster Level (1E)
Slot (1E)
Source: The Midnight Isles, pg(s). 60

Nahyndrian crystals are dark purple crystals formed from the blood of demon lords that are murdered. A large deposit of these crystals was discovered on Vazglar, one of the Midnight Isles in the Abyss, by Areelu Vorlesh.1 They are named for the fate of Nahyndri, the first demon lord murdered by Nocticula.23

Areelu was able to liquefy the crystals to provide exceptional power to those who drink it. Along with Hepzamirah and Xanthir Vang, she also was able to turn a crystal into a chisel that could destroy a wardstone.1


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