Naga Pharaoh

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Naga Pharaoh

Source: Lost Kingdoms, pg(s). 15

The Naga Pharaoh is the title given to the second pharaoh of ancient Osirion, and whose true name has been forgotten beneath the sands of time.

She began her rule at the beginning of the Age of Destiny in -3412 AR, and like her predecessor Azghaad, she was in direct contact with the country's patron deity, Nethys. While Nethys chose to display the incredibly positive power of magic through Azghaad, his dualistic nature drove him to give an example of its most destructive tendencies through the Naga Pharaoh. He haunted her dreams, filling them with violent visions and nightmarish prophecies, until her mind snapped and all she was left with was uncontrollable, destructive rage. In her madness she tore down the Temple of the All-Seeing Eye and laid waste to countless other monuments, beginning a (thankfully) short downward spiral in the fledgling nation's early history.12

It is unclear whether it was the Naga Pharaoh or Azghaad who started the Crimson Canal; but one of those early pharaohs did commission this lifeline of Sothis that is important even today.3