Mute hag

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Mute hag
Type Monstrous humanoid
CR 11
Environment Cold plains, forests, and marshes

Source: The Harrowing, pg(s). 31

If a hate-filled and bitter female arcanist gets overwhelmed with her emotion, the energy may corrupt her into a mute hag.[1]



The changelings associated with mute hags are known as mute-born changelings or sorrow mays, and are unique among the other hag heritages. While most changelings are born of hag mothers, sorrow mays are born of non-hag parents who are cursed or who travel through blighted lands during pregnancy, and always have a single white eye. Even though they are no more evil than any other child of their parent race, anger and resentment cling to the heart of a sorrow may. Given enough time and corruption, such a child may one day transform into a full mute hag.[2]


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