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A very heavy and inaccurate firearm, the musket requires two hands to aim. In addition to its accuracy issues, the musket also has a chance to misfire. The high damage potential is the main draw for this 9-pound, smooth-bored gun.1


Most muskets have a single barrel, though more expensive and heavier double-barreled muskets offer more flexibility and firepower.2

Their haft-like shape and weight inspires some to add melee features to the barrel, typically in the form of a bayonet, and more rarely with an axe blade to form an axe musket or hammerhead to form a warhammer musket.3

The rifle improves on many of the features found in a musket.3

On Golarion

Muskets are relatively common in Alkenstar4 and are wielded by its shieldmarshals5 and guards of Cloudreaver Keep.6

Muskets were among the firearms seized from Dongun Hold by charau-ka of the Gorilla King, who trained several charau-ka to wield them as sharpshooters.7

Some pirates employ musket-wielding snipers who operate from a ship's crow's nest.8

The musket is the sacred weapon of the daemon harbinger Cixyron.910


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