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A mummy is an undead humanoid created by a long and gruesome embalming process—mummification—which involves removing all the major organs from a corpse and replacing them with herbs and flowers. The body is then wrapped in bandages, and animated with magic.1


A typical mummy is of low intelligence, and is generally used as a tomb guardian. However, it also possible to create free-willed mummies that retain some of the powers they possessed in life, such as spell-casting. These are often royalty that wish to extend their rule from beyond the grave and/or escape the fate that awaits them in the afterlife.1

Mummies can pass on the feared disease/curse known as mummy rot.1

On Golarion

The art of creating mummies has been perfected in Osirion. The Osirion mummy has several special abilities.[citation needed]

Infamous mummies on Golarion include:


Mummy lords

Mummy lord

Any (Osirion)
Source: Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh, pg(s). 84-85

Certain persons of high social standing or great wealth are sometimes transformed via mummification into undead of even greater potency. These creatures, generally referred to as mummy lords retain all the powers and abilities they possessed in their mortal lives, and are driven with an unquenchable desire to impose their will upon others.5

Mummified creatures

Mummified creature

Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 196

Most living creature with a body can be mummified through a similar embalming process, leading to a mummified creature distinct from mummies.6


Mummified creatures are created through different means from other mummies—they keep their brain intact, are tattooed with hieroglyphs and a special controlling symbol, and are wrapped in hieroglyph-inscribed cloth. As such, they retain their intelligence, memories, and many of their other abilities, but are vulnerable to specific types of energy, such as electricity, acid, extreme heat or cold, or sonic energy. While mummified creatures do not spread mummy rot, their touch can disintegrate other creatures.6

Iroran mummies

Some enlightened Irorans, most often monks, know in advance when they will die and use a diet of nuts and teas to prevent their corpses from decaying after death. In some cases, they reanimate as mummies to defend their temples. These extraordinarily rare, non-evil undead creatures are known as Iroran mummies.78


Paizo published a major article about mummification in Shifting Sands p68ff.

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