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Mozimba (sometimes referred to as Mozimba Camp) is the name given to the easternmost neighborhood within the large town of Kibwe in the Mwangi Expanse, and is the home of tribesfolk from surrounding regions who provide labor or work as guides, medics, salt miners, furriers, tanners, and provisioners.123


The lands surrounding Kibwe are predominantly cultivated by Zenj farmers and herders, with a significant population of Zenj residing within Kibwe's Mozimba neighborhood. Life in Mozimba closely resembles that of the rural areas beyond the city walls. Dwellings consist of round wooden huts topped with thatched roofs arranged in clusters near water sources supplied by the expansive city well. The neighborhood boasts ample green spaces, and the ambiance is filled with the sounds of animals, as chicken coops, cavies, and even cattle pens are common sights.3


Some of Mozimba's inhabitants engage in agricultural work in nearby orchards and small farms, finding the convenient commute into the city each night preferable. However, an equal number operate food stalls or artisan shops within the neighborhood itself. Mozimba is renowned for its picturesque parks and unhurried atmosphere, though outsiders may be deceived by its idyllic countryside appearance. In truth, the residents of Mozimba are astute negotiators, known for their sharp business acumen. Their expertise as guides and hunters is highly esteemed within Kibwe and beyond.3


Mozimba is represented by Balwade Hubu in Kibwe's Representative Council. It also has its own council that deals with internal matters affecting only the neighborhood; it looks much like the city's council, only on a smaller scale.4


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