Mother o' Seasons

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Mother o' Seasons
Class Barkentine
Status Sunk
Fate Scuppered (Set on fire)
Captain(s) Knotbeard

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 21

The Mother o' Seasons was the barkentine of the infamous buccaneer Knotbeard. Nearly 200 years ago, Knotbeard, trapped in a narrow cove of an island that would become known as Firegrass Isle, set his ship on fire. The rampant inferno destroyed Mother o' Seasons and Knotbeard's crew but also the four warships of the Chelish Navy which had trapped them. The fire spread to the dry grass that covered the rocky island, consuming every living thing upon it. Of the 17 Chelish sailors who survived the fire, only four managed to stay alive on the island long enough to be recovered by a passing ship a week and a half later.[1]


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