Mother's Maw

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Mother's Maw

(evil, extraplanar, herald)
Source: Inner Sea Gods, pg(s). 312

Mother's Maw is the goddess Urgathoa's devoted herald. A disgusting undead creature, it only wants to feed its own base desires and to fulfill the Pallid Princess' every whim.1


Urgathoa's herald takes the appearance of a giant winged skull surrounded by a cloud of flies. Created from the skull of a titan, Mother’s Maw is surprisingly brilliant, as smart as any lich, but only interested in satisfying its cravings for life, and sensations, much like any Urgathoan worshipper. The skull sits at a surprising 13 feet in height, and weighs just over 3,000 pounds.2


The Maw cares little for the desires of mortals, or even the undead of the Material Plane, only caring so far as they impact the Pallid Princess. No matter the task, the Maw performs her job, whether that be driving a city's worth of ghouls into lava pits, or devouring a sect of the Urgathoan cult, for instance.3

Many assume the Maw is mindless, due to its tendency to speak only when it deems it worth speaking. When not on missions for Urgathoa, it can be found to be quite a talkative companion on the subjects of food, wine, and experiences of the flesh, and will be a surprisingly lively conversationalist, assuming its appearance is not a distraction or repellent to listeners.3

It possesses the ability to create undead and is sometimes accompanied by skeletons, zombies, or ghouls, which endlessly dance around the herald, worshipping and adoring the emissary. It has been known to function as a ferry for allies into battle, or even to help a powerful undead retreat inside its bony mouth, where it relies on its own defenses to keep the passenger safe. When given the choice, the Maw will usually choose to work alongside raveners and vampires, her personal favorite types of undead.3


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