Morgan the White

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Morgan the White

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 42

Morgan the White was a pirate from Cheliax who dreamt of "retiring" to a small patch of land somewhere, bringing along a number of like-minded individuals, and extorting passing water-traffic.

The plan required a region without a powerful navy, and Morgan eventually realised that the River Kingdoms were an ideal location. He called upon all of his pirate allies and contacts to join him and established a Protectorate on the banks of the Sellen River. Hundreds of other pirates came to join him, and his protection racket on the river became known as the Pirate Pact.

Morgan attended the Outlaw Council and promised to abide by the River Freedoms. As a result, his new Protectorate became an accepted part of the River Kingdoms.

Morgan styled himself the White Marquis, and his realm was known as the Protectorate of the White Marquis. He was killed in 4702 AR by one of his erstwhile allies, who took control of the Protectorate and dubbed himself the Crimson Marquis.

There have been a number of violent regime changes in the brief number of years since Morgan's death, but the current inheritor of Morgan's dream is Urdal Bazzak. He has taken the title of Black Marquis, so the region is currently known as the Protectorate of the Black Marquis.1